When I first met Rebecca, I felt like I knew her forever. She is warm, friendly + real. She adores babies + was a tremendous support to us when we had our identical twin boys. One baby had significant health issues + was in the hospital. So, one baby was home and one baby wasn’t. Rebecca showed up with compassion + kindness, always listening + offering words of wisdom. She also made magical oat balls to help with lactation needs 🙂 Highly recommend Rebecca!

Lauren M.

We had Rebecca with our family for several months. She helped with nighttime care when I was trying to get some extra rest and recover from my blood pressure issues. She helped guide us through the different changes that happen with babies in the early weeks and months of their life. She helped us sleep more, panic less and we always knew our daughter was safe and cared for by her.

Rebecca is honestly a lifesaver. She is a mentor, a teacher, an experienced mom herself, a cheerleader, a therapist, a sister/best friend, and a skilled doula all in one. She has so much information and anything she felt she didn’t know ( which was rare as she is very knowledgeable) she was always ready with other resources and ways to help. She is resourceful and always goes the extra mile in everything she does.

I honestly do not think we would have survived those early months without her. She helped me gain confidence as the days and weeks went on that I could handle this new adventure of motherhood on my own and helped assure me that all my feelings were common with new mothers. I also really believe having Rebecca helped what might have been a more serious post partum emotional experience. After my experience i can confidently say, Doulas are essential for mental health.

We love Rebecca so much and are forever grateful for her. She helped make our sometimes scary experience of becoming new parents so much easier. We learned skills that we did not have, and most importantly gained confidence that we could do this on our own. I strongly recommend her to new parents who are thinking of hiring a doula. Having Rebecca will change your experience and only make it better.

Thank you Rebecca for all that you do and the person you are! We love and appreciate you!

Alisa O.