What You Need For a New Baby – Top 10 Items To Snag Before Baby Arrives!

You’ve taken the test (or tests!) and the little line on the stick confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt; you are pregnant. You’ve got roughly nine months to get it all together and get the items you need in line for when the baby arrives! You login to your trusty computer with the intent to begin building your baby registry, something simple and streamlined that family and friends can click into and order all of the essentials you’ll need for your new bundle of joy. 

You navigate to the webpage, click “registry”, answer some questions about yourself, your info, boilerplate blah blah… and WHAM! Suddenly you’re spiraling down Alice’s rabbit hole of baby items that you didn’t even know existed! Why do you need a special spoon? Do you actually need a special spoon? Why does this thing vibrate and swing? Is that important? What kind of blankets does your baby even like? Do babies have a preference for that sort of thing yet? 

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choices, let us help point you in the right direction with the top 10 things you’ll need and appreciate for your baby! 

  1. Clothing in every size, style, and fabric. In a truly Carrie Bradshaw a la Sex and the City mentality, you can never have too many baby clothes! You don’t have to drop a pretty penny on them in order to outfit your baby, however. Source hand me downs from family and friends, check out consignment shops, clothing swaps, and discount bins. The thing with baby clothes is they are a necessity that is ever-changing and evolving, especially as your baby grows. One day you’ll put on a pair of pajamas, and the next day your baby will suddenly be too long for those same pajamas! It happens fast, and having an arsenal of different sizes, styles, lengths, and fabrics at your fingertips is important. Plus, when you’re past the infant stage, you can pay it forward to someone else who’s preparing to summit clothing mountain themselves. Don’t get too caught up in gendered garments, either – if your baby is going to spit up all over themselves, it doesn’t really matter what they’re wearing!  
  1. A Convertible Car Seat. Some argue this might be the most important new baby item you will need, because if you have a hospital birth you won’t be allowed to go home in the car without one! There are many different styles and brands to choose from. When deciding, it’s important to keep in mind adaptability and compatibility. Choosing a seat that adapts and grows with your baby, or at least a base that can keep up with the in and out of the carseat carousel as your switch seats, will make this part of your life a lot easier. If you get a stroller that is compatible with your car seat,  you can simply clip and go instead of struggling with straps and buckles… especially if you’ve managed to get them sleeping! 
  1. Diapers, and lots of them! Whether you’re planning to go with a disposable diaper or keep up on the cloth option, you’ll want to make sure you have a hefty stock of diapers in all sizes and types, especially while you’re finding what works best for you and your baby! A fun idea for your shower could be to ask everyone to bring a package of diapers in different sizes, styles, and brands. That way, you have options to test and a back stock of diapers in larger sizes as your baby grows! 
  1. Blankets – Just like clothes, babies can never have too many blankets. Swaddle blankets, fuzzy blankets, quilted blankets, handmade blankets from loved ones – blankets are one of the most gifted baby accessories for good reason! Most families end up with at least one blanket in each room for the baby to use, whether it’s for a quick swaddle when they’re fussy or to lay out on the floor for tummy time. Eventually, your baby may decide a certain type or texture of blanket is preferable to others. When that happens, we recommend getting multiple of the same type, as sometimes those are the only soothers your baby will go for in a meltdown! 
  1. A Stroller Made for Movement – Similar to car seats, there are seemingly endless options for strollers. We recommend an all-terrain stroller or jogging stroller that will allow you and your baby to roll through whatever obstacles lie ahead of you. You’ll never know what outdoor adventures the two of you will end up on! 
  1. One of Those Nose Suckers – Inevitably, your baby will get sick. And when they do, you will need one of the many nasal aspirators out there to help them breathe easy. Again, there are many different styles and types, from the classic bulb expressor to an electric aspirator! If you haven’t picked up on the pattern by now, it doesn’t hurt to have multiples of the same item. This allows for the cleaning of one while still being able to help relieve your little one with another! 
  1. A Baby Wearing Apparatus – baby wearing is not only helpful for both mom and baby for promoting bonding and closeness, but it is super convenient to have both hands and still have your baby close! There are endless benefits to baby wearing, from increased levels of oxytocin to increased milk production to quicker soothing and less fussing. Ask your friends to try the baby wearing gear they use if you want to test run some before investing! 
  1. Breast/Chestfeeding Accessories – if you decide to breast/chestfeed your baby, you are going to experience a few things: Positioning Olympics. Raw nipples. Sleepless nights. Lots and lots of spit up. Soreness, fullness, and tenderness. And above all else, you’ll experience a closeness and bond unlike any other while you literally sustain your baby through the magic of what your own body can produce. For all the other stuff, make sure you set yourself up for success with something like this list of accessories – you’ll thank us later. 
  1. A Freezer Full of Meals – meal prepping easy, quick meals is crucial when thinking about your first few weeks home with your new little one. You can do the prep yourself (check out these baby prep meals we’ve compiled for you!) or you can register for something like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or Home Chef. Friends and family can purchase subscriptions by the month for you, and easy meals are delivered right to your door! Or, if you prefer to kick it the old fashioned way, loved ones can show their culinary support by signing up for a Mealtrain and bringing you homemade dishes filled with love. 
  2. Patience, Understanding, and Kindness… For Yourself – So often we forget that parents are people too! When you become supreme diaper changer, chief booger wrangler, ruler of the bedtime routine and all things safe and sacred to this little life you’re raising, it can be a lot of pressure! Remembering to be kind, ask for help when you need it, and know that as long as you’re doing your best you’re doing more than enough is so important, especially in the early stages of parenthood!

If you’re feeling like you need a little help, or if you have any other items that parents must have for baby, reach out and let us know today! Our postpartum doulas would love to speak with you!