Specialized Care & Education for Perinatal Families

Postpartum Doula Support & Fourth Trimester Education

We are a group of Doulas that specialize in Postpartum Doula Care. At New Life Doulas, we are committed to the health and well-being of your growing family.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Support for Families

In-home Care

Support for families with newborns and multiples. We come in to help during feedings, baths, or when you could use a break.

Lactation Support

Each journey is different. Learn the techniques that work best for you and your baby to ensure a successful breastfeeding relationship.

Newborn Education

Our newborn educators provide valuable learning that can help new parents understand the wants and needs of their new baby.

Holistic Health Support

Receive postpartum nutrition support based on your unique recovery plan. Your doula will provide help in any way they can, including meal prep.

Overnight Services

Help through overnight feedings and bettering rest. We work through the night to help the whole family adjust to new sleep routines.

Sibling Care

Care for your little ones while you settle in with your newborn. Our doulas provide care for the whole family so you don't have to worry about a thing.

About Us

We are a group of certified Doulas and educators offering comprehensive care and professional postpartum Doula support services to mothers and families after birth.

Gain knowledge and confidence through our support services and specialized education classes centered on helping families step into parenthood.

What does day-support of a Postpartum Doula look like?

  • 4 minimum shift

  • Newborn care education and interaction with the family

  • Help with feeding style and pumping

  • Light housekeeping

  • Making sure the kitchen is tidy

  • Making sure everyone is staying nourished and hydrated

  • Help with older siblings while parents tend to the baby

  • Help with nursery organization and making sure the nursery is stocked

  • Baby laundry

On average, for day support with a new baby, it is common to hire a postpartum doula for 2-3 day shifts per week, four hours a day, for the first 4 weeks. Sometimes, clients like to have more help for the first 2 weeks postpartum, with a decrease in hours as the weeks continue. Many clients like to begin  heavier day support when the partner goes back to work. There is no specific time for day shifts, it depends on the family.

What to expect

What does overnight-support of a Postpartum Doula look like?

The goal of the Postpartum Doula is for the family to get a good rest. We will bring the baby to the mom, sit with mom and make sure everything is going well, if they are comfortable, we will leave the room. We help the new parents with the burping and changing of the diaper, as well as holding the baby upright to help with reflux after feedings. We help with sleep conditioning and fostering good sleep habits in a newborn, this means keeping the space dark and quiet so the baby will get  into a good sleep routine.

Doulas will rest while the baby rests if there isn’t anything that needs to be done. During overnights, if the baby is bottle fed or the mom is pumping, we always help by washing and setting up everything for the next feeding before the shift is over.

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